IU Bloomington and the city of Bloomington together offer a vibrant and diverse community combining the sophistication of a big city with the easy pace of a Midwestern small town. A variety of university and city offices provide support and resources for teaching and research, as well as information about academic and nonacademic employment opportunities, housing, and how to get around town. There are many campus and community organizations that provide valuable services for your life beyond teaching and research.

Faculty Satisfaction

IU Bloomington joins over 100 colleges and universities in participating in The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) faculty satisfaction survey, conducted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Our campus has participated in the faculty satisfaction survey since 2005, allowing us to assess change over time.  We are also able to compare the experiences of our faculty with those reported by faculty at some of peer institutions to identify areas of relative strength and weakness compared to our peers.

The most recent faculty satisfaction survey was completed by 883 IU Bloomington tenure- and non-tenure-track faculty in spring 2016.  Overall, 72 percent of IUB faculty agreed or strongly agreed that if they had to do it all over, they would again choose to work at IU Bloomington.

An executive summary with more findings from the 2016 COACHE Faculty Satisfaction Survey can be found HERE.