The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs exists to help faculty members achieve professional excellence, as together we build a world-class research university. Our focus is on the academic career of each faculty member on the Bloomington campus: for new faculty who have just arrived at IU, for faculty facing tenure or promotion, for faculty at mid-career seeking new direction, for Lecturers and for Distinguished Professors, for faculty imagining retirement after decades of service—we provide resources enabling them to navigate the challenges and special opportunities of the academic life.

Our work is simultaneously on the big stage and intimately personal. We celebrate noteworthy academic achievements with gala ceremonies and visible recognition, but also meet privately with faculty who have questions about a medical leave or grievances against a colleague or administrator. We host workshops to get faculty ready for promotion and tenure or to nurture leadership skills among academic administrators, but we also meet frequently with faculty one-to-one as they prepare their dossiers for a reappointment review.

We are committed to developing a cultural and institutional context in which faculty members can plan their careers in a predictable and confident way. Our office keeps academic policies that define the rights and responsibilities of all academic appointees. Those policies defend a longstanding system of shared governance in which elected faculty legislators and members of the administration work together to serve the best interests of the institution. We work hard to create and sustain a campus that is diverse, tolerant, family-friendly, sustainable and full of occasions and events to nourish the mind and soul.

We encourage you to explore our website, where you can find announcements of upcoming Patten Lectures, applications and deadlines for sabbatical leaves, and information about competitive funding opportunities and award nominations. Or come see us in Bryan Hall, room 111.